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Parla italiano? in precisely quarter-hour an afternoon you could converse and comprehend Italian with self belief, with this innovative new process for studying a language. the original visible technique makes studying quickly, effortless and enjoyable. No writing or homework - simply use the canopy to conceal the solutions and try your self as you study. Real-life examples conceal each vacation and enterprise scenario. Accompanying CD may also help you ideal your pronunciation. even if ranging from scratch or simply wanting a refresher, there's no more straightforward strategy to study Italian - quickly.

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Kon kee kwandoh ay leeberoh/ah When are you free? Mi dispiace, sono impegnato/a. I’m sorry, I’m busy. Quando è libero/a? mee deespeeachay, sonoh eempennyatoh/ah la stretta di mano lah strettah dee manoh handshake Va bene giovedì? vah benay jovedee Per me va bene. per may vah benay How about Thursday? That’s good for me. Benvenuto. benvenootoh Welcome. 3 In conversation Buongiorno. Ho un appuntamento. bwonjornoh. oh oon appoontamentoh Con chi? Con il signor Baroni. kon kee kon eel seennyor baronee With whom?

Dovay lah toyeeletay C’è l’accesso per i disabili? chay lacchayssoh per ee deezabeelee 5 Put into practice Cover the text on the right and complete the dialogue in Italian. Spiacente. Il museo è chiuso. speeachentay. eel moozayoh ay keeoozoh È aperto il lunedì? ay apertoh eel loonedee Sorry. The museum is closed. Ask: Are you open on Mondays? Sì, ma chiude presto. A che ora? see, mah keeooday prestoh ah kay orah Yes, but we close early. Ask: What time? Sì, là c’è l’ascensore. see, lah chay lashaynsoray Yes, there’s an elevator over there.

You usually take a ticket as you enter the expressway and pay according to the distance traveled as you leave it. 2 Match and repeat Match the numbered items to the list on the left, then test yourself. 1 il bagagliaio eel bagallyaeeoh 2 il parabrezza eel parabretsah 3 il cofano Cultural tip In Italy many gas stations still have a pump attendant, and many are closed for lunch. Sometimes you can serve yourself and pay a cheaper rate. eel kofanoh 4 la ruota 1 trunk lah rwotah 5 la gomma lah gommah 6 lo sportello loh sportelloh 7 il paraurti eel parahoortee 8 i fari ee faree 5 tire 6 door 4 wheel 3 Road signs Senso unico Rotatoria Dare la precedenza senso uneekoh rotatoreeah daray lah prechedentsah One way Roundabout Yield T R AV E L 45 4 Useful phrases Learn these phrases and then test yourself using the cover flap.

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