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'Abd al-Malik, who got here to prominence throughout the moment civil conflict of early Islam, governed the Islamic empire from 692 till 705. not just did he effectively suppress uprising in the Muslim international and extend its frontiers, yet in lots of respects he based the empire itself. through approximately seven hundred, the sorts of a brand new realm, which stretched from North Arica within the west to Iran within the east, has taken transparent form with 'Abd al-Malik at its head. This e-book covers the beginnings and upward thrust to strength of this immensely influential caliph, in addition to his non secular regulations and options, his financial, administrative and army reforms, and his legacy, together with the Dome of the Rock, the oldest surviving huge development erected via Muslims.

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It will accordingly loom large in this small book. WHEN AND WHY THE DOME? Our inscription allows us to say that the caliph ‘Abd al-Malik “built” the Dome of the Rock in 72, but what does this mean? The question of when the Dome of the Rock was built is closely related to why it was built and thus how it was intended to be used. Foundation inscriptions usually record the date of a given building’s completion, but they occasionally memorialize the moment when construction began: nowadays, such an event is marked by bigwigs wielding ceremonial shovels.

Ansar ‘Helpers’ – those who lived in Medina and supported Muhammad there. Bishr b. Marwan ‘Abd al-Malik’s brother; governor of Iraq from 692–4. Companion Contemporary of the Prophet Muhammad. Farazdaq Poet (d. c. 730). Fitna Civil war. Hadith Prophetic sayings and traditions. al-Hajjaj b. Yusuf Governor in Iraq and then the East for ‘Abd al-Malik and al-Walid from 693. Hijaz The part of western Arabia where Mecca and Medina are located. Ibn al-Ash‘ath Commander and rebel. Ibn al-Zubayr Companion of the Prophet and caliph (r.

ABD AL-MALIK AND THE MARWANIDS Muhammad b. ‘Abd Allah was born in the western Arabian town of Mecca in about 570, and there, perhaps first in 610, he began to receive revelations from God, who was telling him to preach monotheism to the pagan Arabs. In the end, the message did not go down well in Mecca, and within a decade the town’s polytheist establishment had forced him to flee to the neighbouring town of Yathrib, where he had much more success. Indeed, history was on his side. From there – the “Prophet’s city” or “Medina,” as it came to be known – he carried out a series of raids and battles that expanded his authority over much of the Arabian Peninsula, including the conquest of Mecca in 629 or 630.

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