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By Fei-Yue Wang, Yanqing Gao

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Versatile robot manipulators pose a number of demanding situations in study in comparison to inflexible robot manipulators, starting from procedure layout, structural optimization and development to modelling, sensing and regulate. even though major growth has been made in lots of facets over the last couple of a long time, many matters usually are not resolved but, and easy, potent and trustworthy controls of versatile manipulators nonetheless stay an open quest. in actual fact, extra efforts and ends up in this sector will give a contribution considerably to robotics (particularly automation) in addition to its software and schooling quite often regulate engineering. To speed up this strategy, the prime specialists during this very important zone search to give the cutting-edge in complicated reviews of the layout, modelling, regulate and functions of versatile manipulators.

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If x -> 0 were still true, then the desired trajectory of the link coordinates would be damped and as a direct consequence of this, the real trajectory S too. 2 is no longer valid. However, if the term DA6d is treated as a well-known perturbation, some robust control techniques [Dawson et al. (1991); Leitmann (1981); Corless and Leitmann (1981); Qu and Dawson (1991); Spong (1992); Yaz (1993)] can be used to guarantee that x -> 0. 148). K')}. 1. 3. 150) with N^ 2AKpD + Ke + AH(q)A H(q)A AH(q)' H(q) .

QT (H(q) - 2C(q, q)) q. 65) is valid for any possible choice of C(q, q). The following property holds for the vector hc(q,q) of Coriolis and centrifugal torques. 75) ma J \ ££cy>x)- »=i j=o y«=i /3=o / A Flexible-link Manipulators: Modeling, Nonlinear Control and Observer 17 Due to the orthogonality of the modes shapes of a flexible-link manipulator, the following property can be obtained. 4 satisfies The stiffness matrix K is diagonal and positive definite and Amin(-SOI|a:||2 < xTKx < A max (i<:)||x|| 2 Vx e » m .

E. 248) + K5d + DsSr + gs - KqSS - Kp&s6) with initial condition Sd(0) = Sd(0) = 0. 249) Eqs. 251) C(q,q)z. 251) when DA = O. 201) are satisfied. 5. 254) + A^ in (A a )A min (iiCp£, 5 ),(l-255) (KpDS)}. 5 just by letting DA = 0. a) Firstly, the stability of the whole system will be proven. 218). 224) one has V(x) = -xTQx. 257) Since V(x,t) is a decrescent function. 251) is asymptotically stable [Vidyasagar (1978)]. 257) and the definition of A3 into account. 249), the existence of a constant vm such that ||

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