Advection and Diffusion in Random Media: Implications for by Leonid I. Piterbarg, Alexander G. Ostrovskii (auth.) PDF

By Leonid I. Piterbarg, Alexander G. Ostrovskii (auth.)

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ISBN-13: 9781441947734

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ISBN-13: 9781475744583

This publication originated from our curiosity in sea floor temperature variability. Our preliminary, even though solely pragmatic, objective was once to derive sufficient mathemat­ ical instruments for dealing with definite oceanographic difficulties. ultimately, in spite of the fact that, those issues went a ways past oceanographic functions partially simply because one of many authors is a mathematician. We chanced on that many theoretical problems with turbulent shipping difficulties have been time and again mentioned in fields of hy­ drodynamics, plasma and stable subject physics, and arithmetic itself. There are few monographs interested in turbulent diffusion within the ocean (Csanady 1973, Okubo 1980, Monin and Ozmidov 1988). whereas opting for fabric for this ebook we concentrated, first, on theoretical concerns that may be worthwhile for realizing combination tactics within the ocean, and, sec­ ond, on our personal contribution to the matter. Mathematically the entire concerns addressed during this e-book are targeted round a unmarried linear equation: the stochastic advection-diffusion equation. there is not any try and derive common information for turbulent stream. in its place, the focal point is on a statistical description of a passive scalar (tracer) below given pace statistics. As for purposes, this e-book addresses just one phenomenon: delivery of sea floor temperature anomalies. confidently, even if, our major techniques are acceptable to different subjects.

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29) The assumption t « TD means that the molecular diffusion is ignored. In the absence of molecular diffusion Batchelor (1952) and Roberts (1961) computed the short time asymptotics. 32) and therefore D(t) = D(t)I, where I is the identity matrix and D(t) ~ (J"~t. 32) Adding the molecular diffusion is obvious. 34) and hence D(t) ~ (J"~t + /\'. 35) do not include in explicit form TE and TT, they cover more than one limiting case in our classification. More exactly they are valid for example if t « TD ~ TE « TT or t « The same remark is true for some cases discussed below.

5). 23) which fully determine the mean field (c(t, r) and the rest of the tracer statistics. There are four independent time scales that are expressed in terms of these parameters. 2.. , 1()8 107 -~ fD ~.... 18). The blanks indicate that 0"" and I" are not defined. Lagrangian particle trapped by an eddy performs one revolution. In 'eddy' terminology the scale TE also can be interpreted as the eddy lifetime. 23) of the problem parameters. Notice that there is another molecular diffusion time scale TD = tU K in this problem, but we cannot consider TD as independent of TT because both include the same quantity, ttl.

V(c) "V. ,s 1 = 1 2'''V. Bu>. 24) + "V. (r,r) and Bi,s(r,r) respectively. 48 CHAPTER 3 Now we show another derivation of this equation. 48). 67). For derivation of the equation for the mean tracer we need to extend this expansion up to the order r2. 26) r dWj(u)du + o(r2), Jo where as before de(r) = et+T,r(t) - r, dw(r) = w(t + r) - w(t) and the variable subscripts refer to the corresponding components of the vectors. 26) is of order r 1 / 2 , the order of the fourth term is r3/2. For the sake of simplicity let us suppose that the mean fields (u), (A), (S) are zero.

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Advection and Diffusion in Random Media: Implications for Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies by Leonid I. Piterbarg, Alexander G. Ostrovskii (auth.)

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