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For example, Dictyostelium cells are highly motile and exhibit fast amoeboid movements, with a velocity of 10–20 mm/min on glass substrates. The crawling movements on the surface take place spontaneously and randomly, even in the absence of extracellular cues [50]. Under a spatial heterogeneous environment of extracellular cues, cells exhibit tactic behaviors such as chemotaxis and electrotaxis [44, 48]. At the aggregation stage during their life cycle, cells exhibit chemotaxis in response to cyclic adenosine 30 50 -monophosphate (cAMP)(Fig.

97. M. Hiroshima and Y. Sako lifetime imaging microscopy show different structures for high- and low-affinity epidermal growth factor receptors in A431 cells. Biophys J 94:803–819 Xiao Z, Ma X, Jiang Y, Zhao Z, Lai B, Liao J, Yue J, Fang X (2008) Single-molecule study of lateral mobility of epidermal growth factor receptor 2/HER2 on activation. J Phys Chem B 112:4140–4145 Xiao Z, Zhang W, Yang Y, Xu L, Fang X (2008) Single-molecule diffusion study of activated EGFR implicates its endocytic pathway.

Szabo´ A, Horva´th G, Szo¨llo¨si J, Nagy P (2008) Quantitative characterization of the large-scale association of ErbB1 and ErbB2 by flow cytometric homo-FRET measurements. Biophys J 95:2086–2096 81. Tani T, Miyamoto Y, Fujimori KE, Taguchi T, Yanagida T, Sako Y, Harada Y (2005) Trafficking of a ligand-receptor complex on the growth cones as an essential step for the uptake of nerve growth factor at the distal end of the axon: a single-molecule analysis. J Neurosci 25:2181–2191 82. Teramura Y, Ichinose J, Takagi H, Nishida K, Yanagida T, Sako Y (2006) Single-molecule analysis of epidermal growth factor binding on the surface of living cells.

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