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By John McK. Camp

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Whereas this book is illustrated completely with fabrics from the Athenian Agora, it additionally presents a concise advent to development types and methods so that it will be priceless to a person attracted to historical Greek structure. From financing to instruments, and from mason's marks to the clamps that held blocks jointly, no aspect is passed over during this good illustrated textual content. different components of huge structures, from the principles to the tile roofs, are all mentioned with transparent drawings to point how the complete used to be prepare.

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C . onwards, were also painted. The colors were black, white, yellow, but primarily red, often depicting masonry construction. The most elaborate architectural decoration on public buildings was sculpture, which could appear in any or all of three locations and usually portrayed mythological scenes. One location was the frieze, where it was carved in relief on the metopes of the Doric order (32) or all along the continuous band of the Ionic (59, over inner columns). A second location was the triangular pediment at the gable end of a temple roof; here the figures were either in high reliefor carved in the round.

B. Dinsmoor, J . : front cover Title page: FurtwZngler and Reichold, Griechische Vasenmalerei, plate I 68, 2 Illustrations of inventoried subjects: 5 . A 2600, A 2601, A 2602 44. A 1497 46. A 1578 6. Well0 16:3 23. A I758 2s. A 3010, seconddrum from top 27. A2987 28. A2972 29. M. 1469 42. A3621 48. A877 5 I. A 304 52. A 880, A 861 57- A 1559 58. A403 For further reading: J. Travlos, Pictorial Dictionary $Ancient Athens, Princeton 1971 H. A. Thompson and R. E. Wycherley, The Athenian Agora, XIV, The Agora of Athens, Princeton 1972 R.

Finally, there were freestanding acroteria set on each end of the apex of the roof and on the four 59. C. corners; these generally represented either floral forms or additional mythological figures. Many of the decorative elements of ancient buildings are lost, but the skills by which they were produced are listed in Plutarch’s account, written in the 1st century after Christ, of a classical Athenian building program (L$e ofPerikZes, 12): The materials to be used were stone, bronze, ivory, gold, ebony, and cypress wood; the arts which should elaborate and work up these materials were those of carpenter, molder, bronzesmith, stonecutter, dyer, worker in gold and ivory, painter, embroiderer, embosser, to say nothing of the forwarders and furnishers of the material, such as factors, sailors, and pilots by sea, and, by land, wagon makers, trainers of yoked beasts, and drivers.

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